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Village Size Birth Kit - Free Shipping!

Village Size Birth Kit - Free Shipping!

$ 299.00

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Gather your pregnancy and parenting village, save some money, and even get free shipping!

This kit has everything you need for a smooth pregnancy, birth, and postpartum but in quantities appropriate for sharing around the village. You may not need the whole bottle of evening primrose oil for yourself. You may only use a few arnica pellets. You might not need so many blue pads after all.

This kit helps to reduce cost and reduce waste. It is appropriate for approximately 5-10 moms, depending on their needs and whether or not they birth at home or in the hospital (or if their water breaks early, late, or not at all, etc). Chip in to the Village pack, and pass along what you didn't use.

This kit is also excellent for mom's groups, doulas, or midwifery practices that provide supplies for their clients.

Buying this kit instead of each item individually will save about $75 plus the cost of shipping.

The kit includes:

10 peri bottles

1 tub of 160 Accel disinfectant wipes - perfect for cleaning birth pools, quickly wiping down supplies, and also removes blood from carpets!

1 "Village Size" perineal healing wash - one bag is enough for many moms to share!

20 pairs of mesh panties

1 Vial of Arnica Montana 30CH pellets - great for use during and after birth for swelling - including a swelling cervix in labour.

80  blue pads - 17"x 24" - good for broken water, general "show" during the birthing process

15 large, fluffy green pads - 23"x 36" - large and absorbent enough to give birth on

4 washable, reusable quilted underpads - 34"x 36" - large and absorbent - great for under the disposable pad at a birth, great for sleeping or sitting on in the early days postpartum to protect sheets and furniture

10 waterproof sheets - for beds or couches

1 box of 50 sterile gauze pads 4x4"

20 mixed Emergen-C packets - a great way to get a quick energy boost without caffeine 

250ml Hydrogen Peroxide - for cleaning up any blood on upholstery, carpets, or linens/clothing

250ml Witch Hazel - for healing after birth - great for putting directly on maxi pads!

150ml Sweet Almond oil - great for perineal massage, or massage in general 

1 Aromatherapy Spritzer - great for labour and postpartum

20 Alcohol prep pads

1 Bottle (90 gel caps) of Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg 

1 "Village Size" bag of Growing Belly Tea

1 regular size bag of More Milk Tea - if any of the moms in your village have concerns about low milk supply 

1 box of 100 non-sterile vinyl gloves in size medium - you can't have too many gloves at a birth!

1 bottle of Homeopathic Labour Complex

4 Foley Cup Feeders - these amazing little cups are a great way to feed a baby without introducing a bottle if they need to be fed away from the breast for a period of time or topped up. They can be boiled or autoclaved and can be reused over and over. 

1 Happy Mama Foot Bath - soothing peppermint leaves and essential oil, orange peels, calendula petals, and epsom salts - for tired swollen feet near the end of pregnancy - bliss!

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