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Labour Prep Kit

Labour Prep Kit

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We put this kit together from the suggestion of a local midwife, and we think it is a great combo for mothers to prepare for their upcoming births.
Thanks Kat!

Here is what comes in this kit
Labor Complex Homeopathic
Evening Primrose Oil-Bottle of 120 vegi caps 1000mg each
Labour Massage Oil
Growing Belly Tea

Labor Complex Homeopathic
Created by Homeocan Canada this Labour complex is used in the last week before your due date to help your body prepare for birthing. Ingredients are:
Alteris Farinosa
Actear Racemosa
Arnica Montana

Instructions for use:
Take 15 drops once a day before labor.
During Labor take 15 drops every 15 mins hour and reduce once labor is active.
After Labor take 15 drops once a day for one week.

Evening primrose Oil
Specially selected and cold pressed from a special strain of Evening Primrose Seeds, Quest Evening Primrose oil contains Linoleic Acid & 10% GLA, plus natural Vitamin E (to protect the fatty acids from oxidative destruction). Gamma Linoleic Acid is a necessary precursor in the production of prostaglandins, which resemble hormones working to maintain cell health and activity. Clinical studies shown the GLA in Evening primrose oil may offer an array of health benefits, particularly for PMS, menopause, heart disease, blood pressure, and more. If you are using Evening Primrose oil during pregnancy, it is important to only take it during your last month and not before.

Labor massage oil helps mothers to relax into labour. This massage oil is best used in late pregnancy {38 weeks onward} and the early stages of labour.
Using a combination of Sweet Almond oil, Vitamin E oil and Organic essential oils of Lavender, Clary Sage Jasmine and Rose, we have created a beautiful massage oil for mothers to be.

Growing Belly tea is a great tonic to strengthen the reproductive system,prepare the uterus for labor and keep iron levels high. Ingredients are: Nettles, Red Raspberry Leaf, Oatstraw, Partridge Berry, Alfalfa, and peppermint.

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